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At DiySpace, we offer a wide range of captivating events that immerse participants in the world of robotics and electronics. From interactive workshops and hands-on training sessions to inspiring guest lectures and exciting competitions, our events cater to learners of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to grasp the basics or an experienced enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, our events provide valuable opportunities to learn, collaborate, and showcase your talents. Join us at DiySpace and experience the thrill of discovering, creating, and engaging with the latest advancements in robotics and electronics.


M Zubair Khalid
M Zubair Khalid
Amazing Space
muhayuddin mubarik
muhayuddin mubarik
Best place to learn robotics especially the instructor saif is the person to go to if you are looking for any course or Service in Lahore
Mm Q (Luck)
Mm Q (Luck)
Just passed by

Welcome to DIY Space, your ultimate destination for Robotics, Basic Electronics, Self Learning, and STEM Education. Our institute offers a wide range of programs and resources tailored to empower individuals in these exciting fields.

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