Apply for admission to DiySpace Institute and unlock a world of hands-on learning and innovation. Gain comprehensive training in STEM subjects, robotics, Arduino, and more. Join a vibrant community of educators and learners passionate about STEM education. Embark on a journey to empower yourself and inspire the next generation of innovators.
Diy Space Provides us with Courses That are Written Below:

1- STEM Science Course
STEM Technology Course
STEM Engineering Course
4- STEM Mathematics Course
5- STEM Problem Solving Course
6- STEM Self-Learning Course
7- Robotics Course
8- Electronics Course 
9- Arduino Course
10- E-learning Course

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M Zubair Khalid
M Zubair Khalid
Amazing Space
muhayuddin mubarik
muhayuddin mubarik
Best place to learn robotics especially the instructor saif is the person to go to if you are looking for any course or Service in Lahore
Mm Q (Luck)
Mm Q (Luck)
Just passed by

Welcome to DIY Space, your ultimate destination for Robotics, Basic Electronics, Self Learning, and STEM Education. Our institute offers a wide range of programs and resources tailored to empower individuals in these exciting fields.

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